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wildlife shrubs wildlife bedspreads affordable wildlife removal wildlife necklaces https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/gekikiae/diary/201902110000/ wildlife fencing wildlife bedding wildlife calendar national wildlife federation field guide to wildflowers of north america I watched this movie yesterday at Stockholm Film Festival and what a disappointment it was. I like Paul Dano as an actor a lot and had read promising reviews of the movie beforehand. Just before watching Wildlife I had seen the Palm Dior winner Shoplifters which was a wonderful piece of cinema. Maybe having seen such a wonderful movie before watching Wildlife had a negative impact of my view on Wildlife, but still, Wildlife was still the worst movie I have seen in several years. Let me explain why. There's so much I find bad about this movie that I don't have enough time to write thoroughly about it all. Maybe I will come back to this review when I have more time to update it.
First of all, I found the characters to be completely unbelievable and confusing. Jake Gyllenhaal as a dad was then out of nowhere he starts drinking, refuses to accept his job back and decides to go fight wildfires.
The son who was supposed to be 14 looks like he is 17.
The story about the girl hanging out with the son is completely forced, unnecessary and leads to nothing.
The mother does not try to hide from her son that she's cheating on her husband. She even invites the son to a dinner at his house. Then she proceeds to dance with first her son and then the man she's cheating with in front of her son, while repeatadly singing on a infuriatingly irritating "cha-cha-cha". It was one of the most cringe-worthy scenes I've ever seen in my whole life. I had to laugh and I heard several other people in the audience do the same. This happened at several times in the movie.
The son does not seem to be able to display any other emotion than disbelief by looking stupid with his mouth half open.
I had a few good laughs while watching this movie. See Shoplifters instead if you're looking for a good movie..



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